Italy Misses Terrorists Hits Gamers

After hilarious reports came out following the Friday the 13th Paris attacks that the Playstation home gaming console was involved in terrorist planning and coordination efforts, Italian Minister of Justice and founding member of the Italian Democratic Party Andrea Orlando has announced (archived) that one hundred and fifty million Euros are to be allocated to the increased surveillance and monitoring of digital communications in general and the Playstation system in particular. More credible reports indicate that the attacks were planned using plaintext SMS.

In the same interview Minister Orlando called for the creation of a European Public Prosecutor specifically for Anti-Terrorism cases, which makes one wonder if Tomas de Torquemada's bloodline has anyone up to the task. Alternately this position would be but a further pretext for, to borrow a Takiism, the “bureaucrooks in Brussels” to levy still further taxes on the struggling producers of value extant in Europe.

Whatever the case may be, PGP still holds the privileged position of being de facto choice of encrypted communication for actual terrorists the world over.

One thought on “Italy Misses Terrorists Hits Gamers

  1. what a shame, being italian :(

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