Hoaxtoshi Has History Of Business Bad Blood

The saga of Hoaxtoshi heats up as Craig Steven Wright, the man who want to be known as Satoshi and whose home was raided, is being reported in the financial press as a huckster with a history of bad business deals and adverse judgements in court (archived). Hoaxtoshi was alleged to correspond to the identity of the historical Satoshi Nakamoto by writers from Wired and Gawker Media. These writers by all appearances followed a collection of evidence most likely fabricated by the Hoaxtoshi Craig Steven Wright himself.

Unlike Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, the retired engineer living modestly in near poverty who was victimized by Leah McGrath Goodman, Hoaxtoshi appears to have spent years cultivating a trove of documents that on naive inspection could lead people to believe he just might be the historical Satoshi. At this point depending on how the latest round of legal proceeding against Hoaxtoshi go it seems equally likely that he will publicly proclaim himself to be Satoshi as it is he will continue playing coy while making public appeals for funds and consideration. Far less likely, but possible is Hoaxtoshi admitting to the fabrications. Extraordinarily unlikely is the emergence of actual strong cryptographic evidence confirming Wright is Satoshi.

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