Craig Steven Wright Raided By Australian Police

Hours after Wired and Gizmodo reported on the same day that Craig Steven Wright is their best guess for a likely Satoshi Nakamoto, Australian Federal Police began reportedly began raiding residences and businesses associated with Wright (archived). Mainstream media are parroting police assertions that the raids are unconnected with the possibility Wright may be Nakamoto but instead related to Australian Taxation Office matters. Given the timing of the raid however it is exceedingly likely police, the tax office, and other agents of fiat when reading the recent speculation did as a point of fact become aroused on rumors of Satoshi's hoard.

It is of course exceedingly imprudent to take any allegations of being Satoshi seriously without seeing coins from the hoard moving. At this time it is very plausible the material uncovered by Wired and Gizmodo was fabricated and leaked by Wright himself to boost the profile of his businesses. Still it seems as though it took the mere possibility of a windfall to get the Australian state theft machine aimed squarely at Wright.

6 thoughts on “Craig Steven Wright Raided By Australian Police

  1. We should thank C. Ogilvus Nakamotis for sowing the generous rumor of his iron-fisted dozen-year HODL! (snap)

  2. straya!!

  3. In case anyone is under any illusions about this, the Australian Police State have raided this man because they think he is sitting on a fortune in Bitcoin. That is the sole reason for this despicable act. It is burglary, nothing less.

  4. It seems implausible to me that this guy is the same person who published the original bitcoin implementation, the listserv posts, or the white paper. Aside from the lack of proof he holds satoshi's private keys, there is also the suspicious circumstances around Craig's bizarre public relations campaign. Even if SN is deranged and wants to dox himself / his friends, he could easily "prove" he is SN without resorting to back-dated blog posts, inconclusive and easily forged records, etc.

  5. Satoshi wouldn't associate his creation to "Tulips". It would be a weird sense of humour.

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