Yik Yak Use Leads To Arrest

A teenager studying computer engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla was reportedly arrested at his residence hall and rendered under the cover of darkness to the Boone County Jail in Columbia, Missouri. The teenage student is alleged to have posted text to the so called anonymous local message board app "Yik Yak" which the police are alleging was a "criminal terroristic threat" (archived). In a blog post today operators of the "Yik Yak" platform confirmed that they cooperate with law enforcement agencies and share information. It appears the civil unrest in Columbia, Missouri and at the Mizzou campus is continuing to escalate in spite of Monday's resignation of President Tim Wolfe. Numerous examples of conflict between students and faculty trying to continue the academic business of the university are emerging in local media, including that of professor of nutrition Dr. Dale Brigham whose attempt to resign his position after student uproar over his decision to dare holding class and an exam on Wednesday is not being recognized by the University (archived).

The University is likely to continue employing heavy handed measures to prevent a faculty brain drain as looming restrictions on speech compromise the University's academic mission in order to satisfy aspiring professional leftists. Athletics recruitment at Mizzou however appears to be entering a new renaissance as potential recruits notice coach Gary Pinkel and athletics director Mack Rhoades's support for extortion tactics (archived).

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