Small Electric Co-op Faces Off With Illinois Over Delinquency

Southwestern Electric Cooperative with its headquarters in Greenville, Illinois has served the state of Illinois with a notice of impending disconnect over unpaid power bills. The Cooperative is declining to name the Illinois state agencies and buildings which will be affecting by the shut off, but the disconnect notice reportedly includes 70 separate individual account numbers. On the degree of delinquency a representative for the cooperative noted:

… far exceeded our disconnection for non-pay policies, with some of the accounts being subject to disconnection as much as four months ago.

The member owned non-profit cooperative serves a rural user base of only 22,000 customers refunding revenue in excess of costs. The cooperative's representative further noted:

We charge the minimum required to keep ourselves viable. We don’t have a big profit margin to be able to not collect our bills.

Illinois has until December 1st, 2015 to pay their delinquent bills or face disconnection. It remains to be seen what sort of actions the Illinois government may pursue in order to keep the lights on without actually paying the balance owed on these accounts.

2 thoughts on “Small Electric Co-op Faces Off With Illinois Over Delinquency

  1. Damn these rich kulaks, how dare they impugn on the policies of comrade Bahamas' birthplace!

    O wait, I didn't mean Kenya. ADOPTIVE place of… something or the other.

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