Small Electric Co-op Faces Off With Illinois Over Delinquency

Southwestern Electric Cooperative with its headquarters in Greenville, Illinois has served the state of Illinois with a notice of impending disconnect over unpaid power bills. The Cooperative is declining to name the Illinois state agencies and buildings which will be affecting by the shut off, but the disconnect notice reportedly includes 70 separate individual account numbers. On the degree of delinquency a representative for the cooperative noted: Continue reading

Biggest Difficulty Increase In a Year

The Bitcoin network difficulty has now climbed to 72,722,780,643 which is an increase of 10.44% over the previous increase. The previous difficulty was 65,848,255,179.7 which arrived via a 5.77% increase the highest in six months. Today's increase is the most substantial jump in more than a year with the closest recent increase of this magnitude being a 10.05% increase on November 5th of 2014, with the previous greater increase coming all the way back on September 25th 2014. New all time high difficulty figures come with astounding regularity, but the magnitude of these last two increases is notable.

"World Terror Day" Does Not Happen as "Anonymous" Predicts, Mass Shooting Occurs Anyways

Mainstream news reporting suggests that "World Terror Day" events as predicted by "Anonymous" to happen on November 22nd did not come to pass. Brussels, Belgium however remains locked down due to government claims of an imminent threat. There was further a mass shooting at the playground "Bunny Friend Park" in New Orleans, Louisiana with at least 17 victims wounded (archived). No suspect in the Bunny Friend Park mass shooting has yet been named, and no motive for the shooting has been supposed by the local authorities at this time.

Obama at ASEAN: Money Overwhelms Ideas

Joke on the Left

President Hussein Bahamas

At a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations United States President Barack Hussein Obama told a group of young Asian leaders to avoid flaws in the political system which elected him president twice (archived). Chief among the problems Obama sees in the United States political system is that "money overwhelms ideas" even though his campaigns in pursuit of elected office were never starved for funding.

As a United States president elected to his final term under the current constitutionally imposed term limits, Obama's re-election campaign "Obama for America" still operates as a "community organizing project" under the name "Organize for Action" actively engaged in shaping political conversation in the United States. This organization in its present incarnation is chartered as a 501(c)(4) non-profit allowed to lobby for legislation but disallowed from endorsing any particular candidate for office as a part of its transition after the 2012 election. In spite of this "Organize for Action" still runs and the handle @barackobama on Twitter. "Organize for Action" has further been linked to recent outbreaks of racial unrest in the United States.

Barack Hussein Obama could not be reached for comment on how he feels about his own participation and victory in this electoral system. The one which allowed him to triumph over so many ideas through his raw power of accessing lots of money.

Every Tesla Model S Recalled Over Safety Equipment Failure

Tesla motors is recalling ever single Model S sedan after a piece of vital life safety equipment failed on a sedan in Europe (archived). In the failed example the front seatbelt was not properly attached to the outboard pretensioner. This documenetd failure reportedly involved no injuries. Apparently the safety advice "Buckle up buckaroo" is no guarantee of actual safety in Tesla's sedans in their present state. Alleged Silk Road 2 operator Blake Benthall owned a Tesla Model S.

Venture Capital Fuels Stupidity In Bitcoin Not Innovation

Venture Capitalists have been flocking to Bitcoin recently in what seems to be a poorly orchestrated fiat invasion. They intend to bring the problems of too much money to Bitcoin and its related "businesses". A very small fraction of the VC capital is hitting the market for Bitcoin, which may be an attempt to assert some sort of fiat control over Bitcoin through price suppression. Continue reading

EU Planning Bitcoin "Crackdown"

Reports are emerging that the European Union is planning some sort of "crackdown" on Bitcoin  in the wake of the Paris mass shooting amid allegations that ISIS has some Bitcoins. This is in spite of the declared intention of ISIS and their actual movement to establish a precious metals based monetary system in their caliphate. Estimates floating around in the media suggest that if ISIS has a stash of Bitcoin, its value is roughly the equivalent of 3 million United States Dollars, a figure which is substantially lower than the value of some individual pieces of military equipment which has found its way to ISIS through the United States. Continue reading

Current Bitcoin-XT Incompatible with BIP-65

Last year Qntra reported on BIP-65 which adds a new opcode OP_HODL which prevents nLockTime transactions from being double spent before the nLockTime threshold is reached on the Blockchain. Miners following the developers of the "Core" Bitcoin client have been adopting BIP-65, with approximately 25% of the last found blocks claiming to be ready for the soft fork on the version string in the block header. If or when BIP-65 is triggered, it may spell trouble for Mike Hearn's Bitcoin-XT due to deliberate incompatibility. Continue reading

Paris Mass Shooters Used Plaintext SMS to Coordinate

According to French police during a raid where they killed the alleged coordinator of last Friday's mass shooting in Paris, a phone was found with plaintext SMS messages used in coordinating the event (archived). The Paris mass shooting different from those in the United States where such events occur with greater frequency in that the the French attack utilized a group of allegedly 8 shooters while such events in the United States more typically involve shooters working as individuals or pairs. French President Hollande has responded to the mass shooting with a declaration of emergency and the suspension of numerous civil rights for French citizens. Hollande has issued statement to the effect of assuring all French citizens regardless of their religious or ethnic background that their civil rights have been suspended equally.