North Carolina State Troopers On Food Stamps

In yet another example of provincial governments in the United States being unable to keep their promises of largess, a class action suit with half of North Carolina's State Police force joined as members alleges the state owes them substantial back pay and other promised compensation (archived). Some of the troopers are reportedly having to supplement their wages from the state with food stamps, Medicaid,  and supplementary employment. North Carolina instituted pay freezes for state troopers in 2009. This move in addition to allowing the state to shift the burden of covering the cost of nutrition and medical care for trooper's families offers further savings to North Carolina's government as the lower frozen wage rate is used in retirement calculations for troopers leaving the force.

While other United States provincial governments like that in Illinois are having their poverty and insolvency brought to attention through political crises, many quieter episodes like this reveal a widespread poverty of their many regional governments. While Illinois struggles to pay the power bills, North Carolina's government can not even afford the promises it made to the people it counts on to enact violence in its name.

Crisis threatens the remaining autonomy of these governments. Their poverty and insolvency when aligned with civil unrest promoted by federalists is creating the perfect storm for any last trace of their nominal to be extinguished as the federal government entirely consumes them.

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