Fox Lake "Hero" Officer Accused of Suicide and Embezzlement

Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz whose death in September ignited a manhunt for his alleged yet unidentified killers has now had his cause of death redetermined to be a suicide (archived). Gliniewicz's motive for commiting this killing is alleged to stem from fear that his theft of equipment and funds would be discovered. Living police officials allege that among other actions Gliniewicz stole money from the department's "Police Explorer" youth program, which Lieutenant Gliniewicz directed and mentored and used the money for his own purposes (archived). Qntra can not determine the veracity of these allegations though an unsolvable killing of an officer would create opportunity for surviving members of the department to commit their own improprieties and hang the blame on the deceased. If this is indeed a suicide Lieutenant Gliniewicz would not be the only Illinois police officer to kill himself while on duty in the month of September 2015. Caseyville, Illinois Police Sergeant and one time interim chief of that department Scott Miller shot himself in his squad car with his department issued firearm (archived) after 21 years working in that department though no criminal acts were attributed to him posthumously yet.

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