Disgraced Gavin of "Global Warming" Government-Scaling "Debate" Moves On to Alt-Kook

We find (from the Washington Правда) that James Hansen (conspiracist nutjob chiefly famous for going on about "global warming" long before it became the official USG party line) has moved on to playing with the little rocks on President Bahamas' beaches.

After spending twenty years doing assorted crackpottery for a NASA paycheck, a delightful golden age that produced some of the most amusing unintentional comedy in the history of misuse of public funds, James Hansen is not content to merely retire to Florida, like every other self-important if misguided asshole in the history of his proud if confused country, to spend the rest of his days there in the company of like-minded individuals, trying to adjust his glasses so as to figure out where the golfball went. Instead, he retired to a small island a few hundred miles off the coast, which is clearly better, and plans to spend his retirement similarly in the company of like-minded individuals (who are better!) doing important pseudo-geological work in the form of looking at small pebbles through magnifying glasses (which is clearly also better).

Let the public record unequivocally reflect that Mr. Hansen is not only better than your dad, he's actually better than even Mandelbaum!

While James Hansen's employment record is rather pointedly reminiscent of every other leech suckling the US Treasury (such as Bhagwan Chowdhry, or a supposed constitutional law scholar in Illinois whose name history has forgotten – to limit ourselves to two examples out of two million), the similarities between what the Washington Правда daintily discusses and the evolution of one Gavin Assassinsen, USG tool masquerading as early contributor to the Bitcoin project is perhaps more interesting to the readership.

In either case : Chris Mooney's torturous, filigreed production on the topic, with its careful walk across the complex pattern of tightropes every socialist ideology degenerates into, with the finely tuned balance of peculiarly chosen vocabulary stands as an exquisite example of wooden tongue1. We here at Qntra commend the achievement of the fishwrap reporter, and assure all the entomologists in attendance that his is for sure a name to watch.

Congrats to the winners!

  1. If you've never encountered the term before, it's what those Romanians with the direct, personal experience of the path you're following as well as the wall it leads to called, throughout the 70s and 80s, the peculiar sort of phraseology. 

One thought on “Disgraced Gavin of "Global Warming" Government-Scaling "Debate" Moves On to Alt-Kook

  1. Like one Romanian once said to another, "mama ce-mi plac poantele mele".

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