Busybox Drops systemd Support

In a commit dated October 22nd, BusyBox maintainer Denys Vlasenko announced the removal of systemd support from the minimalist unix toolkit (archived). Vlasenko offered as a comment on the commit:

systemd people are not willing to play nice with the rest of the world. Therefore there is no reason for the rest of the world to cooperate with them.

BusyBox has long been used by the Software Freedom Law Center as a primary tool for attempting to enforce Gnu Public License restrictions on companies using GPL licensed open source software in embedded products. Systemd is a suite of software for making Unix like operating systems more like Microsoft Windows and less like Unix.

2 thoughts on “Busybox Drops systemd Support

  1. Go busybox.

    Systemd is the Mark of the Beast.

    Any more drama/gossip on the particular niceplay-failures in this case? The technical+architectural failings of systemd are well documented, but it sounds like there's some idiocy above+beyond that level which triggered the removal. MOAR DRAMAZ.

    • I'm trying to find some, but it appear the work required to keep pace with changes to systemdeviant is simply too much.

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