Well Connected Bezzle "Health" Startup Theranos Collapsing

Theranos, a health startup which features a board comprised of two former US Secretary of State, Numerous former US Defense Officials, a former Senator, and a former Wells Fargo CEO is facing accusations of their signature blood testing service was never accurate to a useful degree and they have withdrawn all but one product from the market (achived). Theranos was at one point reportedly valued at up to 10 Billion dollars, or a little more than a half of Whatsapp at the time of its acquision by Facebook. This suggest that even well entrenched fiat luminaries like Henry Kissenger and former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, MD are beyond saving fiat startups they involve themselves with from excessive hype and insufficient competence.

4 thoughts on “Well Connected Bezzle "Health" Startup Theranos Collapsing

  1. While I'm not terribly read-up on this, what I did read showed the reason they removed all the products was because the FDA needed to approve their nano-syringe thingy for each individual use or some shit.

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