Troubled BitPay Signs up Gaming Platform

Reports (archived) are in that Kwun Tong, Hong Kong-based digital gaming marketplace has begun accepting Bitcoin via troubled bitcoin-fiat payment processor BitPay. This news comes at a tenuous and disconcerting time for both firms. While BitPay's wasted efforts have been well-documented on these pages, on the same day as the BitPay-G2A partnership was revealed, the gaming marketplace also revealed (archived) that negotiations between itself and e-sports promoter Riot Developer Relations Manager in the United States broke down over sponsorship of the Worlds 2015 event.1 This, despite having "invested" a claimed 6 million US Dollars into e-sports2 in just the past two years and a further 20 million Euros into "research and development" over the same period "to ensure secure and guaranteed online initiatives."

In any event, as a result of the new BitPay-G2A agreement and for however long each "business" may continue to operate, gamers can purchase Playstation Network codes, Xbox Live cards, software activation licenses for Steam, time-cards for various online games, and an assortment of other digital gaming titles. claims to have more than 6 million unique users at this time, not to mention 385`000 totallies legit Twitter followers and an equally totallies legit "Trustpilot" average rating of 8.8 based on 75`066 reviews, all of which should give potential users some confidence, or at least lulz.

At this time, there's no word on whether Eulora plans to offer its products on the platform, but don't hold your breath.

  1. Somewhat humourously, "e-sporters" who had already printed branded G2A products will be obliged to cover G2A's logo at upcoming Riot-sponsored events. 

  2. "E-sports" is essentially computer and console gaming as a spectator sport. 

2 thoughts on “Troubled BitPay Signs up Gaming Platform

  1. G2A has worked well in the past, pretty sure they gain ve discounts to those that follow on Twitter too

    • Just because you banged a bunch of crackwhores and still haven't contracted an STD, and just because said same crackwhores give discounts if you follow them on Twitter (because yes, crackwhores have Twitter too, don't be be a racialist), doesn't mean it's in your best interest in the medium- to long-term to keep bangin' 'em.

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