Trouble Hits Customers

Reports have been popping up on various social media forums claiming that funds held on behalf of users had been disappearing from the retail intermediary operation beginning this weekend. In a blog post (archived) reports account password reset emails were triggered in an unauthorized fashion, though they denied missing user funds until a recent update. insists users of two factor authentication methods they support were unaffected, though there are reports on various forums disputing this as well as the scale of the theft.

2 thoughts on “Trouble Hits Customers

  1. Brawker, a similar and superior service that emerged before Purse, used 2 of 3 multisig to make thefts like this impossible. People who innovate are not concerned with the surface sheen alone; they are interested in the complex details of the business model underneath, and the software.

    What do you expect from types who think integrating Coinbase into their product is a feature? They are not interested in Bitcoin to disrupt in any way; they want to play along with and be part of the existing "system" rather than build something robust, worthwhile and trustworthy.

    • So Brawker, which went the Shutdownify way back in April after a short few months of failing to do anything remarkable should be credited with inventing the bitcoin company which doesn't lose customers' funds, you say?

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