Game Bug Makes 12 GB RAM Required on Windows 10

A hard drive paging bug in the Windows game "Batman: Arkham Knight" is addressed in it latest patch by offering that for Windows 10 users having 12 gigabytes of RAM installed would prevent them from having to page the hard drive during gameplay (archived). Unmentioned is that this almost certainly needs to be available RAM not committed to other memory intense processes. The Windows port of the was originally released four months ago on June 23, 2015 and for many purchasers has yet to achieve a playable state. This game is far from the first piece of Windows software to be fatally flawed to an unusable extent.

One thought on “Game Bug Makes 12 GB RAM Required on Windows 10

  1. Fatally flawed to a unusable extent is a bunch of nonsense. It runs fabulously for me with cap set to 90fps I get 70-90fps with everything on high except all the Nvidia failworks are off. Granted I have 16gb of RAM and needing 12gb to not page the hard drive is pretty ridiculous but come on man. Unusable? Unplayable state? Just stop.

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