Foundation and No Such lAbs Continue Improving Bitcoin: V Ascendant

This past month's work by the Bitcoin Foundation and No Such lAbs shows substantial ground being laid for a better Bitcoin future with much of the work occurring on the V code management system and its reimplementations. The original V was authored by asciilifeform in Python and released at the end of August with the intent that it would be reimplemented numerous times by users seeking to understand its workings. In particular an implementation of V in perl by Bitcoin Foundation co-chair mod6 which is anticipated to be released for public consumption soon includes further advanced functionality including the production of flow graphs. Further work teased in the No Such lAbs September statement was the near completion of routing work for the Cardano boards and an Ada implementation of RSA encryption suitable for running on bare metal for the glory of the most serene republic. The Bitcoin Foundation intends to use V to package their bitcoind version 0.5.4 release.

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