Ethereum Bet Update

The bet over Ethereum's ability to make it out of 2015 alive previously covered on Qntra has climbed to more than 209 Bitcoin in total wagers. The odds have shifted with 35% of the wagers now predicting Ethereum's demise while 65% largely in early wagers stands hoping Ethereum just might have a future. Since September 25th only 1.45807 Bitcoin in new betsĀ  have come in in favor of Ethereum. At present Ethereum is trading around 0.0016 Bitcoin per Ether token a in a substantial and sustained decline from their peak price in August. Further bad news came for Ethereum near the end of September when Buterin revealed his foundation backing Ethereum was spending at a rate that would leave it insolvent.

One thought on “Ethereum Bet Update

  1. Millions of dollars and months later, and still not one useful "DApp", and certainly not any "DApp" that couldn't be done with Bitcoin proper.

    Ethereum is a joke. Also, Bingo, the insolvency of ETHDEV came sooner than you realize. Take a look:

    It's being absorbed by Consensys. I wonder if Buterin drives a Ferrari?

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