Billion Dollar Blimp Brings Destruction

In the United States a Billion Dollar NORAD JLENS Blimp has broken free from its moorings and is leaving havoc and destruction as it roams. The JLENS mission is declared to be missile detection and defense, though the declared capabilities make it capable of abusive ground level surveillance. The wild blimp is dragging 6,700 feet of cable behind it shorting out power lines and leaving a pronounced trail on the earth underneath it.

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  1. Title shouls be "Billion Bezzelar Blimp Brings Destruction"

  2. I'll add the text of this:

    Watch Stander – Snow Watch – Aberdeen, MD
    Raytheon – Aberdeen, MD, US
    Posted 1 day ago
    Apply on company website
    Other Details
    About this job
    Job description

    This is a temporary position of undetermined length.

    The candidate will be a Field Service Technical Support Representative who will be required to learn to monitor JLENS equipment, Snow removal procedures and/or other site support duties by training on-the-job at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) where he/she will be managed day-to-day by the Site Manager. The candidate will be required to work both independently and in a team environment on-site at a remote location.

    The Candidate's Responsibilities Will Consist Of

    Working as a valued JLENS team member assisting other JLENS team members while providing continuity to the scheduled tasks
    Ability to work extended hours with a changing day/night and weekend schedules
    Ability to work in extreme weather conditions for extended periods of time
    Ability to perform physically challenging labor
    Ability to operate machinery (trucks, water pumps, Genie)
    Ability to react and make quick sound decisions in stressful environments
    Ensuring availability for any given date/time as required to support JLENS
    Accomplishing daily/weekly goals as set forth by the site manager
    Ensuring collected data is delivered to the site manager on a timely/daily manner
    Becoming familiar with upcoming events and tasks
    Ensuring that all safety procedures are being met
    Performing system processes and procedures providing results in a reliable and readable format
    Aiding in the generation of trouble reports as required
    Aiding in the flight test program and provide feedback to establish best in practice procedures
    Complete daily report of events
    Providing cursory logistical support as directed by the site manager

    Required Experience, Knowledge, Skills And Abilities

    Strong written and verbal communication skills

    Ability to work with engineers providing assistance where required

    Ability to read and comprehend technical and non technical procedures

    Ability to accomplish tasks in a high pressure environment with minimal supervision

    Ability to keep detailed log book records

    Ability to transfer knowledge of systems to Soldiers and Raytheon employees

    Ability to provide feedback in regards to plans / schedules

    Security Clearance Requirement

    Secret Clearance

    Mandatory Physical Requirements

    Ability to climb platforms
    Ability to lift and carry 60 lbs.
    Ability to work in varying weather extremes

    Desired Experience, Knowledge, Skills And Abilities

    Prior field experience and/or military service

    Ability to apply logic and common sense to overcome obstacles

    Ability to work in a team environment towards a common goal

    Intelligence, Information and Services (IIS) has more than 16,000 employees operating at 500 sites around the world supporting the missions of a wide variety of military, government and commercial customers. IIS provides a full range of technical and professional services to intelligence, defense, federal and commercial customers worldwide. IIS specializes in global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), navigation, DoD space and weather solutions, cybersecurity, analytics, training, logistics, mission support, and engineering and sustainment solutions.
    Raytheon is an equal opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, disability, veteran status, or any other protected factor.

    Position Type:
    Experience Level:
    Not Specified
    Posted / Updated:

    ty alf for the link.

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