US DoD Extracts Guilty Pleas From Mom and Pop Competitors

The US Navy operating under the larger umbrella of the United States Department of Defense managed to extract guilty pleas from a husband and wife accused of marketing heroin on a United States warship (archived). The couple's marketing of heroin of course makes them competitors to the organized heroin operations occurring in the United States Department of Defense whose activity has lead to heroin overtaking many other drugs of abuse over the course of the United State's adventure in Afghanistan (archived).

Judge Grants Local Cop Immunity as Federal Agent

Federal Judge Lee Yeakel has granted immunity to former  Austin, Texas police detective Charles Kleinert on manslaughter charges (archived). Yeakel justified his finding of immunity as Kleinert was working on a joint task force with Federal agents, and Yeakel justified the decision to grant immunity rather than investigate the crime thusly: Continue reading

Illinois Universities Follow State in Credit Rating Freefall

Six Illinois public universities has their credit rating lowered by Moody’s Investors Service following in the footsteps of the Illinois state government. Southern Illinois Univesity and Northern Illinois University were lowered to Baa1 matching the state government, Northeastern Illinois University was downgraded to Baa2, and three more universities1 were downgraded to Baa3 status (archived). The budget standoff in Illinois continues with lottery winnings continuing to be rationed and labor unrest including the East Saint Louis teacher's strike is ongoing. There are no publicly facing indications that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and the legislature are anywhere near resolving the Illinois budget situation.

  1. Western Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, and Governor's State University  

Game Bug Makes 12 GB RAM Required on Windows 10

A hard drive paging bug in the Windows game "Batman: Arkham Knight" is addressed in it latest patch by offering that for Windows 10 users having 12 gigabytes of RAM installed would prevent them from having to page the hard drive during gameplay (archived). Unmentioned is that this almost certainly needs to be available RAM not committed to other memory intense processes. The Windows port of the was originally released four months ago on June 23, 2015 and for many purchasers has yet to achieve a playable state. This game is far from the first piece of Windows software to be fatally flawed to an unusable extent.

Judge Orders Dotcom Begin Extradition Defense Monday

Judge Nevin Dawson has issued a ruling that he would refuse to hear the full arguments behind Kim Dotcom's application to have his extradition hearing stopped (archived). As a result his defense is compelled to begin presenting Dotcom's defense against the United States Government's extradition desires presented through the Crown Prosecutor on Monday.

Google Fiber Dissapoints First City to Host Service

The Kansas City Star reports that Google Fiber has severely disappointed Kansas City, home of the first Google Fiber installation (archived). This outage lead to Kansas City customers of Google Fiber missing the first inning and a half of their Royals playing in the World Series. The outage included the rare inside the park home run by Alcides Escobar on the first pitch of the game. Service was reportedly restored for most customers by 7:35, though some customers were still afflicted by the outage much later. Google representative Kelly Carnago said “We’re sorry for the inconvenience” and offered customers a two day service credit for depriving Kansas City of the least depressing thing happening there. Bitcoin mining "vendor" Butterfly Labs is/was located in a suburb of Kansas City.

Interview with David Francois on Building a Real Bitcoin Business

Operating a Bitcoin business is difficult and, a lot of times is the first step down the road which brings pretty much 9x% to crime within six months to a year (archived). With the excess influx of Venture Capital into companies pretending as to have any involvement with Bitcoin, I sat down with David "davout" Francois CTO of Paymium, formerly known as Bitcoin-Central, to talk about the fundamentals from his personal experience in developing a Bitcoin company that can survive the ruthless climate of the world of Bitcoin. Continue reading

Billion Dollar Blimp Brings Destruction

In the United States a Billion Dollar NORAD JLENS Blimp has broken free from its moorings and is leaving havoc and destruction as it roams. The JLENS mission is declared to be missile detection and defense, though the declared capabilities make it capable of abusive ground level surveillance. The wild blimp is dragging 6,700 feet of cable behind it shorting out power lines and leaving a pronounced trail on the earth underneath it.

Karpeles Arrested on Still More Embezzlement Charges

Shingetsu News Agency is reporting on their Twitter feed that Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpelès has been rearrested in Japan on still more embezzlement charges. Japanese police are only allowed to hold a suspect in detention for a limited period of time, so re-arrest on further charges is a common tactic used to keep charged suspects detained indefinitely before trial.