Trump Campaign Payment Processor Fleeces Donors

MWTW in Portland, Maine alleges a third party payment processor used by Donald Trump's presidential campaign is repeating donation charges and in at least one case was reported to have charged a man who entered payment information but decided not to purchase anything from the campaign's online store (archived). In all 13 charges were attempted of which 6 ended up successfully debiting a balance from the man's bank account. The station is referring to the charges as unauthorized while the payment processor blames a 'glitch' in their system.

This incident highlights a number of ways in which the legacy fiat system is irreparably broken. With monetary transfer between bank accounts requiring only the knowledge of magic strings which relate to various accounts there is no positive means for the account holder to actually authorize or deny authorization to any particular transaction. The system as it exists actually lacks any meaningful concept of authorization at all. Yet for some reason the affected party in this case, without any firm idea of whether he actually would make any purchase at all still decided to hand to this payment processor all of the information necessary to begin debiting money from his bank accounts.

That the idiot would willing to hand over the information required to make fiat payments in his name so willingly is especially damning of the fiat system in that it empowers idiots. To top it all of it is very likely this idiot will receive his money back. The only chance he doesn't get his money back rests on the socialist who self identifies as a billionaire ending his campaign with a bankruptcy filing before the charge can be reversed. This forgiving artifice constructed by the extant fiat system removes all of the necessary hazards for an actual economy to emerge, much less thrive.

Compare the example of this idiot to the actual consequences faced by another idiot whose story has been making its way around the news recently. New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (archived) was very near to being tendered a very lucrative contract offer by the team when Pierre-Paul's idiocy lead him to temp fate at the unforgiving intersection of anatomy and physics. Pierre-Paul detonated a firework in his hand, and now substantial pieces of his hand are missing (archived) with other parts effectively ruined. Pierre-Paul is still too injured after the July idiocy to have engaged in the necessary conditioning and football activities to return to the game and that lucrative contract offer is now impossible. He may have something of a playing career in football left after this, but his idiocy has cost him dearly in stark contrast to the idiot subject to the fiat system's safety net for idiots.

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