Eyewitness: People Walking Out of BitPay Office in Tears

According to a known and reliable eyewitness numerous people have been spotted leaving the BitPay office in tears. This suggests rumors of further rounds of layoffs at BitPay. The witness further suggest that the marketing department was hit hard as many people's phone lines at BitPay no longer work. BitPay's struggles over the last year suggest high burn rate is a severe danger to companies starting up in the Bitcoin space.

11 thoughts on “Eyewitness: People Walking Out of BitPay Office in Tears

  1. Expect more follow up and likely pictures later.

  2. Safe to say the Tesla has a new owner? https://instagram.com/p/gEEOjTCB7d/

  3. I tried to comment on the CoinDesk article to say, "They had a short window to gather hype and sell to PayPal. That window passed."

    However, the comment has been pending for 7 hours, whilst other comments have been approved.

  4. still waiting for the pics here.. ^^

    • These pictures provide evidence the eye witness was in the area.


      • Obviously the story is true but I don't believe these photographs at all as "evidence". Nice reporting besides that though.

        • The balance between disclosing information publicly and protecting sources is a difficult one. When a balance has to be struck it is in favor or preserving our sources. If we have to choose between putting forward information our there which burns a source or offering less information, we offer less information. It is an ethics problem.

          Thankfully Stephen Pair wanted to take the opportunity to try to spin the story, and Coindesk, which shares a major investor with BitPay, was in a position to confirm this story.

  5. ZOMG coindesk cited qntra and even linked. WTF. The Antichrist will rise soon. Gird your loins!

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