Drone Update

Previously Qntra has brought you stories of how drones have revolutionized cross border drug shipments, a successful case of property defense against a drone, press photos of police arming ground based drones, and the failure of the United States military to retain trained drone pilots. Today Qntra brings two stories from the drone front.

The first piece comes to us from Maryland where two men were arrested by police for attempting to use a drone to deliver comfort products for prisoners (archived). Police allege the men were going to use the drone to deliver opiate cessation aids, potpourri, and pornography. Police further allege a the men would have used the drone to deliver a firearm in their possession, in spite of the firearm's mass exceeding the drone's carrying capacity by several times. According to the local secretary of corrections Stephen T. Moyer comfort items such as those the men are alleged to have tried delivering somehow fuel violence inside his prison.

A few hundred miles west we go to the University of Arkansas where the university has implemented a prohibition on the use of drones in particular and model aircraft in general citing safety, security, and privacy concerns (archived) posed by unmanned aircraft. People observing violations of this prohibition are encouraged to report potential drone activity to university police who may impose sanctions including criminal trespass charges.

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  1. I have commanded my Royal Nigerian Army to drone you for such blasphemy.

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