No XTCoin Support Committed to the Blockchain Yet

Days after Mike Hearn and Gavin Andressen announced a not quite Bitcoin client that when triggered by a particular set of events create an altchain, miner adoption of their forking client remains so low not a single block containing a vote for their coup has been committed to the blockchain. This is in the face of a self declared mining operation claiming a third of a petahash  swearing their fealty to Hearn and Andressen's new pet altcoin. In the time since Hearn announced the fork though a pseudonode implementation which passes most tests to be counted as a forking XT node has been published alongside a full node Bitcoin Client which appears to be an XTCoin node in everything except actually forking over to XTCoin if a fork is actually ever triggered. With this early reception to Mike Hearn and Gavin Andressen's fork ultimatum the chances of an actual XTCoin creating fork occurring appear to be low.

10 thoughts on “No XTCoin Support Committed to the Blockchain Yet

  1. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

  2. If they have 0.1% of mining power, zero blocks in 2 days is just what you'd expect.

  3. Hi,

    I'm the operator of the facility with 370 TH/s supporting Bitcoin XT. At that hashrate, the expected amount of time it would take to find one block is approximately one week. So far, it's been about two days. We are the first, but we won't be the last. Give it time.

    For future reference, our customers have come out overwhelmingly in support of XT so far. All of the customers who have voiced a preference prefer XT. Nobody has requested Core yet. A few customers have asked to be switched over to P2Pool just so they could support the XT effort.

    I don't necessarily think that XT is going to reach the 75% consensus threshold. However, 2 days is nowhere near long enough to get support for a change like this.

    Jonathan Toomim
    Grand Poobah,
    Toomim Brothers Bitcoin Mining Concern

  4. Not to interrupt a good circlejerk, but here's the first bit-coin XT block mined on the main blockchain:

    According to, 12.4% of nodes are now running bit-coin XT.

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  6. According to, 12.4% of nodes are now running bit-coin XT.

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