Montreal Expo Postponed For Lack of Sponsors

The Montreal Gazette reports (archived) that a local Bitcoin expo being promoted by a group referring to itself as the "Bitcoin Embassy" has been postponed due to a lack of sponsors. Many Bitcoin related ventures which lavishly threw around sponsorship money in the name of "promoting Bitcoin" in the past have been forced to cut back to focus on their business. The expo was scheduled to run from August 21st to 23rd. The Bitcoin Embassy self reports as having been founded in 2013.

2 thoughts on “Montreal Expo Postponed For Lack of Sponsors

  1. Bwahahaha. Makes me wonder which of the similarly 'kommoonitee-driven' events will fall off the map next. I'd say CoinFest, but those guys will never admit defeat.

  2. Finally, someone else knocks these guys off of their high horse.

    Kids daddy went and handed him keys to a building he owned then he went and got some vinyl cut out and stuck it on the windows. POOF! It's the Bitcoin Embassy of Canada. But wait, there's more… They are actually a Bitcoin startup incubator as well! Aside from smoking doobies and pretending they are the new wealthy elite they give away space in their shithole so others can create failures with them too!

    That place is a waste of space and nothing but constant bleeding of money. I even heard they got scammed/screwed when they wanted to build a 3 Million USD mining operation, they never received their equipment.

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