US Can't Retain Drone Pilots

This week the United States Air Force (archived) unveiled a new program attempting to address what they describe as a "critical shortage" of pilots for their unmanned aircraft. In their desperation the Air Force is offering up front retention bonuses of up to seventy thousand United States dollars with an equal amount of bonus pay spread out over the duration of a retained pilot's nine year contract. The Air Force is also directing graduates of its undergraduate pilot training programs increasingly to roles involving unmanned aircraft. The atypical nine year contracts, along with the substantial monetary incentives being offered to retain drone pilots suggests that the United States Air Force could be facing problems supplying manpower to operate their drone fleet well into the future.

2 thoughts on “US Can't Retain Drone Pilots

  1. All the boring parts of flying without much of the fun…

  2. Meanwhile a private concern trying to lock talent into nine year contracts for the same reasons in the same manner would be blown out of the galaxy by the same inept government on the grounds of "rights" and assorted bullshit. Yet when the usg itself does it, shit smells all rosy, ask any "judge".

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