Welsh Silk Road 2.0 Dealer Receives Two Year Prison Sentence

The BBC reports (archive) a Welsh man who plead guilty to charges of possession and supply of Class A and B drugs back in June of this year has been sentenced to a term of two years prison.

Cei William Owens, better known as JohnnyAlpha to his customers was arrested in November of 2014 as part of a joint operation between the FBI, ICE, Europol and Eurojust which resulted in the shut down of the Silk Road 2.0 and arrest of its operator Blake Benthall. Continue reading

Ministry of Games Begins Hosting Eulora Dependencies

Eulora's publisher Ministry of Games has now begun mirroring source packages for Eulora's dependencies Cal3D and Crystal Space on their downloads page. This comes after a week of downtime on SourceForge. An beneficial side effect is that this move removes the requirement to use SVN to acquire the right version of Eulora's dependencies in order to install the game.

Phuctor Factors 100th RSA Modulus

The Phuctor, operated by No Such lAbs, has factored its hundredth modulus by using Euclid's Greatest Common Denominator algorithm. The Phuctor began digesting a dump of public keys from sks keyservers back in May. Less than two weeks later Phuctor had managed to factor a key attached to a key in the PGP strong set. Considering the way the news of Phuctor's first key factoring was handled all interested parties should examine the set of public keys factored for their own betterment.

US Standards Institute Moves From Timekeeping to Methamphetamine

An explosion this weekend at the United State's National Institute of Standards and Technology's Gaithersburg, Maryland complex appears to have resulted from the clandestine manufacture of crystal meth. A security guard was injured in connection with the explosion. NIST is most commonly known for their role as timekeeper for the United States Government.

Universal Shares Own Film With Pirates

On the 15th of this month Universal Pictures France filed a takedown request with Google (archived) demanding they remove from results sites hosting or linking pirated copies of Jurassic World. Among the addresses Universal demanded Google sanction was which is the IP address a computer reserves for communicating with itself. This means that not only was Universal seeding its own film to pirates, it was likely doing so from the same machine used detect and prepare a report on infringement for Universal. Continue reading

Coin.mx Operators Arrested For Violating Anti Money Laundering Laws

Anthony Murgio and Yuri Lebedev operators of the Bitcoin/Fiat exchange Coin.mx were arrested by the FBI at their Florida homes last week and charges in the Southern District of New York by Preet Bharara's office were unsealed against them this week. The Feds accuse Coin.mx of trading roughly 1.8 million dollars worth of Bitcoin and Fiat using the pretext of a memorabilia collector's club to conceal their actual activities from their banks and later acquiring control of a small credit union for greater autonomy. Continue reading

Brute Force for keyboard-interactive OpenSSH Logins Discovered

There is a proof of concept which allows for an attacker to attempt to brute force OpenSSH servers with keyboard-interactive logins enabled. FreeBSD users are especially affected as FreeBSD allows keyboard-interactive OpenSSH logins by default. This brute force allows attempting up to 10,000 password entries at a time. For quite some time it has been known that all forms of password authentication over SSH are weaker by necessity than key based authentication which should be the only login method allowed on any machines over SSH. This is a rather minor enhancement to an existing protocol level vulnerability, but this incident should serve as a reminder that a well configured SSH server will by necessity only allow key based logins. A patch which corrects this issue has already been committed to the source tree and will be included with OpenSSH 7.0 which is due for release in a few weeks.

Counterfeit Coupon Dealer Pleads Guilty

A Louisiana man charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit trademark counterfeiting in May of this year has plead guilty (archive) to the charges. Beau Wattigney, better known on the PurpleLotus/GoldenLotus/MoxDiamond/NickMode sold counterfeit coupons on the Silk Road 1.0 and 2.0 which provided the bearer with significant discounts such as $50 Visa gift cards for $0.01 each.

Wattigney will be sentenced on October 28th, 2015.

Grooveshark Cofounder Dead at 28

Josh Greenberg a cofounder of the late music streaming service Grooveshark was found dead in his Florida home, and according to the BBC and his mother he had no ongoing health concerns. Grooveshark was founded in 2006 and closed this April after years of legal harassment by agents of the copyright regime culminating in a United States court finding Grooveshark liable for up to nearly three quarter of a billion dollars in damages. At its peak Grooveshark provided 145 people with employment.