French TV Venture CANAL+ Hacked, Suppresses News with DMCA

TorrentFreak reports major French television Canal+ hits Github with DMCA complaint after experiencing a severe AWS breach. The hacker, who ran the “hooperp” Github repository, was able to steal “all the data and codes” regarding its new CRM project “Kiss deploy”, before using the server’s key to mine Bitcoin. Legal counsel for Canal+ revealed:

“The 22d of May 20015, we had a compromission [sic] on our AWS project with an access key in order to create bitcoin. The 26th of May 2015, we have found our access key on [the now deleted] Github repository,”

Such unnoticed incidents outline the complete inability of major companies to implement functional security methods, leading to plaintext "confidential" information being pushed into the digital-wild while their hardware can be sold and rented without the rent collector having any concern for cost effectively matching applications to hardware. This leaves us with the ever-growing tragicomic situation in which their infrastructure is being high-jacked to make a quick buck, in this case by mining Bitcoin.

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