BurtW Indictment Dismissed At Behest Of Department Of Justice

An indictment against BurtW AKA Burt Wagner related to the alleged operation of an unlicenced money transmitting business has been dropped after U.S. District Court Judge William J Martinez dismissed the case at the behest of the U.S. Department of Justice. Such a victory is bittersweet though as Burt's wife Jean writes (archive):

I'm not allowed to see the final agreement between the government and my husband. I did see earlier versions. The version I saw from April closely resembled the Non-Prosecution Agreement in the Ripple case. Since I'm not even allowed to know the name of the final agreement, I can only assume it is a non-prosecution agreement since Burt has to forfeit cash and Bitcoins to have the case dismissed.

Amid legal fees, costs and the value of civil assets forfeited totalling US $284,373.00 in addition to a legal defence debt totalling US $95,000.00, the Wagner family will now attempt to reclaim their stolen property.

One thought on “BurtW Indictment Dismissed At Behest Of Department Of Justice

  1. Basically the usg is on a prowl looking for stoolies. Usians generally are made of slightly pressed shit, so it has little trouble adding to the zoo. What exactly this does is unclear, but hey, the stupid son of rich parents gets to pretend like he has friends for as long as that party lasts.

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