France Seeks to Impose "Right to be Forgotten" Globally – New Order

The French Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés has issued an order (archived) to Google demanding that the search provider enforce European "right to be forgotten" protections globally in its search results. Such extraterritorial aggression on the part of regulatory bodies in recent times has been more characteristic of United States government action that that of European governments. There will likely be further confrontation as the French CNIL works to make Google results even more useless than Google itself already has. France has escalated their previous demands to an order. Google intends not to comply with this order.

Selkis Tips Fiat Agenda For Bitcoin

Ryan Selkis, known on social media as @TwoBitIdiot, has begun concern trolling over "wealth concentration" in Bitcoin and proposed moving Bitcoin to a permanently inflationary reward schedule by 2020. Such a change would of course never be implemented in actual Bitcoin, but the fact that it is being introduced by someone titled "Director of Investments" at some organization calling itself the "Digital Currency Group" strongly suggests that fiat interests in the United States that would like to not only inflate the blockchain in order to force centralization. It suggests United States based fiat interests would like to destroy the very image of what Bitcoin is. Continue reading

WikiLeaks Stratfor Dump Contains Malware

Josh Wieder wrote in to Cryptome describing that while examining documents contain in WikiLeaks full Stratfor email dump he has so far identified 18 pieces of malware embedded in documents and WikiLeaks has taken no actions to warn potential views of the hazards these documents might present. Weider notes particularly that Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel documents have been found with embedded malware in the dump. These of course are all file formats which should be quarantined any time the are encountered in the wild and not opened in their intended runtimes without thorough examination. One particularly interesting tidbit is that according to Weider's initial analysis, it appears that the first infected files were introduced to Stratfor's email system through their Chief executive's wife as early as 2003.

Cecil the Lion is a Pretext for Expanding Extraterritoriality of US Law

Recent social media uproar over a dentist's alleged killing of an African Lion referred to by persons as Cecil, in honor of Cecil Rhodes. Cecil was killed outside of the sanctuary within which his typical range was in Zimbabwe, a country which was also once named for Cecil Rhodes. The story was picked up by the social media outrage machine and amplified by mainstream media organs. Continue reading

Kentucky Man Defends Home From Drone, Faces Charges

William Merideth of Hillview, Kentucky faces charges in the first degree of criminal mischief and wanton endangerment for shooting down a nuisance drone (archived) which was loitering within the bounds of his yard's privacy fence. His neighbors had complained to Merideth about the drone before it breeched the boundaries of Merideth's yard. Neighbor's complaints allowed Merideth the time to retrieve a shotgun which he used to responsibly ground the drone consciously avoiding discharge of his weapon over roads and neighboring properties. Continue reading

After Petition Obama Still Wants to Try Snowden for Espionage

Two years after Barack Obama's Whitehouse closed a petition requesting Edward Snowden receive a pardon for generally making the world a better place, the Obama administration has finally issued a response. Deferring to Lisa Monaco Obama's adviser for matters concerning Homeland Security and Counterterrorism the response alleges that the Obama administration had undertaken some anomalous reforms though Snowden did not whistle blow on United States surveillance overreach until well into Obama's second term as the United States chief executive. Monaco also reiterated the Obama administration's intent to subject Snowden to prosecution under the Espionage Act. What more could a person really have expected though from an executive administration that serves as gardeners cultivating terrorists.

Gawker Media Shutters National Security Blog Less Than 4 Months In

William Arkin announced that he is leaving Gawker Media.  This comes as a part of the turmoil facing Gawker Media following their now retracted article on David Geithner, the brother of former Obama treasury secretary Timothy Geithner. In his letter Arkin criticizes Gawker for making the world a worse place and marks the Geithner story's retraction as signifying the end of a long internal fight at the company which is being decided in favor of a "kinder" Gawker Media. A new kinder Gawker Media that refocuses on Celebrity and "Public Figures" and doesn't want Arkin's writing on the internals of the American National Security state. Continue reading

Holographic Performance Shut Off by Police

Hammond, Indiana police shut down a remote holographic being broadcast at a local hip hop festival by rapper Chief Keef who was performing at a secure Los Angeles sound stage. The show dubbed Craze Fest was being held as a charity event in a public park to raise funds for the family of Keef's late friend Marvin Carr and a 13 month old child who was killed by a vehicle fleeing the scene of Carr's slaying. Continue reading