XOtika.tv Bitcoin Live Adult Entertainment Reaches Beta

Bitcoin entrepreneur Naphex recently unveiled a beta version of his adult webcam site XOtika.tv for public testing and enjoyment. At present the service is only tested to work on Google's Chrome web browser, but the technological aspects of the service are continually iterating at this time for continued improvement. Even at this early stage though Naphex has recruited a number of high quality talents to provide numerous entertainment options for viewers. Unlike some older services like LiveJasmin which have happened to eventually sign on with third party Bitcoin payment providers, XOtika is built around Bitcoin and works to leverage advantages inherent to Bitcoin for the benefit of users and performers. Between the solid and improving technological base and the early stable of high quality entertainers XOtika has the potential to be the first serious contender born in Bitcoin to enjoy success in the live online adult entertainment industry.

One thought on “XOtika.tv Bitcoin Live Adult Entertainment Reaches Beta

  1. I wonder if he has considered bringing Klye's girls on board.

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