Company Pays $14,000 Ransom In Bitcoin, Attackers Return For More

The Brisbane Times reports (archive) that an unnamed multinational company located in Brisbane, Australia recently paid a bitcoin ransom totalling AUD $14,000 or approximately USD $10,500 after its computer system was compromised resulting in the theft of what police claim is sensitive data pertaining to the operation of the business.

Having successfully extorted the company for a sizable amount of money, predictably the attackers returned a second time in an attempt to extort a much larger sum of money to which the company refused to pay, opting to contact police instead. In response to the non-payment of a second ransom, the attackers are alleged to have obtained photographs of an employee's child and threatened to harass and ruin the child's life unless payment was forthcoming.

As a result of the attack, Queensland Police has issued (archive) a security alert warning businesses that they should not comply with any ransom demands and that they should be careful regarding what they post to social media sites – a clear indication that the attackers were able to dox at least one staff member and his/her family via sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

One thought on “Company Pays $14,000 Ransom In Bitcoin, Attackers Return For More

  1. Don't feed the birds, you'll just encourage them.

    Also, don't 'social media.' Not only are the trivialities of your life exactly that and nothing more, and not only is it an elephantine mental tax and a perfectly cruel joke by your soi-dissant overlords, but it's also the simplest attack vector for would-be doxers, including your nutso ex from high school.

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