Carl Mark Force IV to Plead Guilty

Carl Mark Force IV, formerly of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has reportedly entered an agreement to plead guilty charges stemming from his theft of Bitcoin from the Silk Road marketplace. This plea agreement follows that of Shaun Bridges who was charged the same day as Force IV in an unrelated case of theft from the Silk Road. Force IV is expected to enter his guilty plea formally in court on July 1st, 2015. Working for a venture called CoinMKT Force IV further committed theft from one of that firm's customers by freezing the customer's account balance and repossessing the value for himself. Force IV converted most of his stolen and extorted Bitcoin value to the local currency of the United States and had the local currency wired to bank accounts under his control adding to the evidence prosecutors were able to use to damn Force IV.

2 thoughts on “Carl Mark Force IV to Plead Guilty

  1. "The full spectrum of things deemed illegal is a known unknown and for that reason any number of your secrets could require the most serious protection."

  2. Karl Marx G-Force 4.0, turn to the dark side of the Force.

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