Bryan Micon To Return To Las Vegas To Face Charge

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports (archive) that Seals with Clubs operator Bryan Micon will return to Las Vegas to face a charge of operating an unlicensed interactive gaming system. Micon came to the attention of the Nevada Gaming Commission earlier this year for operating the now defunct Seals with Clubs bitcoin poker site which was relaunched by Micon himself as SwC Poker.

Court records1 indicate Micon will be released on his own recognisance after being booked with a hearing set for Thursday, June 25th at which Micon is expected to attend.

Attempts by Micon to raise $100,000 to support his defence were cut short last month after Micon claimed (archive) GoFundMe stopped funding him without disclosing the reasoning as to why. A Bitcoin address used to solicit donations appears to have raised 1.5 BTC to date.

  1. Not verified by Qntra at this time. 

2 thoughts on “Bryan Micon To Return To Las Vegas To Face Charge

  1. Probably threatened to throw his kid into foster care.

    The state has immense leverage over people with children. Sadly.

  2. fitting karma for all those suckouts.

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