CUNY Keeps Bezzle Flowing to Krugman

The City University of New York at their latest Board of Trustees meeting has confirmed Paul Krugman's appointment as a "Distinguished Professor" at their Luxemborg Income Study Center. Krugman's work in the field of "Income Study" brings him 225,000 United States Dollars annually including a special 28,594 United States Dollar "honorarium" as a "Distinguished Professor" for serving in this part time position which Krugman hold on top of his primary job as a New York Times columnist. CUNY, an institution funded by New York City taxpayers, will be funnelling Krugman, a noted socialist and fan of inflationary monetary policy, this supplementary bezzle income indefinitely into the future.

Mining Difficulty Decreases By -0.58%

With what is the 13th adjustment in the Bitcoin mining difficulty for this year sees it drop to 49,402,014,931 which is a reduction of -0.58% from June 14th's all time high of 49,692,386,355. Today's decrease marks the 5th time that the mining difficulty has decreased during 2015.

OpenBSD Moving sudo to Ports

Earlier this month on a development mailing list Todd C. Miller, the current sudo developer and an OpenBSD contributor, announced that after consultation with Theo de Raadt the sudo utility in OpenBSD would be moving from the base system to the OpenBSD ports collection. The utility sudo was originally developed by Bob Coggeshall and Cliff Spencer at SUNY Buffalo for 4.1 BSD running on a VAX-11/750 sometime around 1980 and Todd C. Miller adopted sudo development in 1994. According to Theo de Raadt there are no immediate plans to introduce a tool to the base system as a replacement for sudo introducing a "gap" before considering potential base system replacements. The original superuser utility su will however remain a part of the base system.

Bryan Micon Seals The Deal

The Las Vegas Review reports (archive) that in an effort to avoid jail time, Bryan Micon has agreed to plead guilty to a charge1 he is facing in relation to the running of the now defunct Seals with Clubs bitcoin based poker website. As part of that deal, Micon faces an as yet to be determined period of probation, a USD $25,000 fine and agreed to forfeit his computers, $900 in cash and 3.0996 BTC.

  1. Reduced to a gross misdemeanour. 

Pressure in the United States Mounts to Ban Symbols of Rebellion Against Federal Government

Recently agitators in the United States along with officials in various government capacities have been exploiting a recent minor tragedy to in an effort to censor the most potent symbol of rebellion against the federal government of the United States. In mere anticipation of backlash retailers including Walmart, Ebay, Google shopping, and the Apple App Store have pre-emptively removed all merchandise with the image of the Rebel Flag from sale. What sort of crime could make the ultimate symbol of rebellion against the federal government of the United States, one which was actually flown in combat against the Axis powers in World War II. Continue reading

ISIS About to Introduce Altcoin into Circulation

The physical, gold based, alternative currency which ISIS announced its intentions to introduce into general circulation back in November are reportedly in the process now of being introduced into circulation. More on ISIS's intentions surrounding their coins is available in Qntra's November report on the topic which is reproduced below. Continue reading

Carl Mark Force IV to Plead Guilty

Carl Mark Force IV, formerly of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has reportedly entered an agreement to plead guilty charges stemming from his theft of Bitcoin from the Silk Road marketplace. This plea agreement follows that of Shaun Bridges who was charged the same day as Force IV in an unrelated case of theft from the Silk Road. Force IV is expected to enter his guilty plea formally in court on July 1st, 2015. Working for a venture called CoinMKT Force IV further committed theft from one of that firm's customers by freezing the customer's account balance and repossessing the value for himself. Force IV converted most of his stolen and extorted Bitcoin value to the local currency of the United States and had the local currency wired to bank accounts under his control adding to the evidence prosecutors were able to use to damn Force IV.

FATF: Concerns Regarding Use Of Bitcoin By Terrorists

The Australian reports(paywalled) (archive) that a Financial Action Task Force meeting scheduled to run June 21st through 26th in Brisbane, Australia will include discussions regarding the possible use of Bitcoin by terrorists with the view that exchanges who turn bitcoin into fiat currency should be required to report transactions it perceives to be suspicious. At discussions held yesterday, the current head of FATF and former Australian public servant Roger Wilkins (archive) also shared concerns regarding the use of cash, saying: Continue reading Bitcoin Live Adult Entertainment Reaches Beta

Bitcoin entrepreneur Naphex recently unveiled a beta version of his adult webcam site for public testing and enjoyment. At present the service is only tested to work on Google's Chrome web browser, but the technological aspects of the service are continually iterating at this time for continued improvement. Even at this early stage though Naphex has recruited a number of high quality talents to provide numerous entertainment options for viewers. Unlike some older services like LiveJasmin which have happened to eventually sign on with third party Bitcoin payment providers, XOtika is built around Bitcoin and works to leverage advantages inherent to Bitcoin for the benefit of users and performers. Between the solid and improving technological base and the early stable of high quality entertainers XOtika has the potential to be the first serious contender born in Bitcoin to enjoy success in the live online adult entertainment industry.