UK Man Sentenced To Six Years Prison

A young man from Cambridge (archive) in the UK has been sentenced to prison having plead guilty to charges related to the production of MDMA and the possession of Ketamine and Heroin. 22 year old Callum Fay was first arrested back in June of 2012 after local police were informed by the UK Border Agency that Fay was importing Cocaine from India.

A raid of his home found Fay used Pokemon trading cards to facilitate the obfuscation of drugs to be sent via mail of which 20 packages were found ready to be sent to customers from around the globe. An examination of Fay's computer also revealed he had bank transactions totalling £29,000 or approximately USD $45,000 which was deposited to his bank account from an unnamed Bitcoin exchange. Given this information and taking into account the time frame of the arrest, it is probable that Fay was a Silk Road vendor.

Subsequent to his arrest, Fay emptied his bank account and went on the run, only to be caught in March of this year. Sentenced to six years prison time on May 1st, a proceeds of crime hearing will begin in July.

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