The Chicken Brothers Cook Up Some Ransomware

Bloatware publisher Symantec reports (archive) that a variant of Cryptolocker is infecting numerous computers throughout Australia, demanding a ransom of up to AUD $1,000 or USD $790 payable to none other than Los Pollos Hermanos.

The Breaking Bad branded variant, which encrypts common file extensions such as *.gif, *.doc, *.mp3, *.pdf, *.txt. *.zip, *.xls and so on directs victims to email for support related enquiries, but at this time that inbox is empty.

Rather than encourage Windows users to move to a different platform, Symantec suggests customers pay them instead of Los Pollos Hermanos fraudsters by installing an assortment of Symantec bloatware such as Norton Power Eraser and Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

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