Former Vault of Satoshi Customers Can't Collect

The Brantford Expositor reports that Vault of Satoshi still has a number of customers whose funds have not been returned, even though Vault of Satoshi ceased operations back in February. Expositor reported Susan Gamble along with general allegations against Vault of Satoshi's operators present the story of a customer, Scott Campbell:

Campbell invested almost $2,000 in the DivCoins,1 which were supposed to be tied to the lucrative Bitcoin market.

The company posted a note on its website in February saying the business was closed and unclaimed funds would be reduced by 25% per month until there was no balance.

Campbell tried for four months to get his investment returned.

After The Expositor attempted to contact Curry, Campbell suddenly received a cheque for $623.92 but he knows the rest of his money — about $1,900 sunk into DivCoins — is gone.

Vault of Satoshi was a product of Canadians Ryan van Barneveld and Mike Curry, and their modus operandi increasingly seems to be similar to another "Bitcoin Bank" operator.

  1. An altcoin marketed by Vault of Satoshi which was marketed as paying "dividends"  

One thought on “Former Vault of Satoshi Customers Can't Collect

  1. To me this reads like he invested in company "shares", and is mad now he lost his "investment"

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