Vessenes Foundation Draws Near Its End, Vessenes Out As Chairman

The decline of the Vessenes Bitcoin Foundation continues with their developers leaving for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab's Digital Currency Initiative. In what appears to be an attempt to revitalize their image by amping up their star power the Vessenes foundation has replaced Peter Vessenes as their chairman with First Kid co-star Brock Pierce.

5 thoughts on “Vessenes Foundation Draws Near Its End, Vessenes Out As Chairman

  1. hmmm… Seems like all the smartest people are content with writing blogs and regurgitating information.

    The node/core is the network. To cap transactions at anything but VISA rates is putting bitcoin straight in the hands of the clearinghouses/gov/banks by creating a bottleneck through which only the highest paid/priority monies will travel.

    And you are having a hand in all of it with your xenophobic ignorance. good luck

  2. they are against the very thing that makes life worth living. Change.

  3. a better question… Who are these people who think the current block size is satisfactory?

    Off chain transactions are lazy and stupid.

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