Tewksbury Police Pay Ransom

Local weekly newspaper the Town Crier reports that Tewksbury, Massachusetts police have paid a $500 ransom after a version of the CryptoLocker ransomware encrypted essential files and rendered their network unusable. The initial infection was determined to have happened on December 7th when it entered the police department's network through the computer of the Officer in Charge. The malware's presence was not discovered until the next day. Continue reading

TI-89 Bitcoin Diceware Tool Released

Matt Whitlock has recently released a diceware tool for generating Bitcoin address and private key pairs on the venerable Texas Instruments TI-89 portable general purpose portable computer commonly marketed as a "graphing calculator." The software takes input derived from analog dice rolls. The source code, written in C, is available here and it compiles with TIGCC. Whitlock previously worked on the Lamassu Bitcoin ATM. A video where Whitlock demonstrates the key generation process at 10x speed is embedded below: Continue reading

Federal Agent Sells Firearms Via Darknet Market

Patch.com reports the arrest of a Massachusetts man who sought to purchase a firearm and silencer from a darknet market website. Unfortunately for 21 year old felon Justin Moreira, the Walther PPK he ordered was sold to him by none other than a federal agent masquerading as a legitimate arms dealer.

Moreira is believed to have paid USD $2,500 in bitcoin for the firearm and silencer which was then shipped by federal agents to a post office box in Hyannis, MA. Upon Moreira retrieving the package, federal agents moved in to arrest the young man. Continue reading

Silk Road Sealed Document Dump Day (Full Text)

Today Cryptome released 122 pages of documents (local mirror plaintext) related to Ross Ulbricht's Silk Road trial which had been sealed due to the ongoing investigation of Carl Mark Force IV. The order to unseal (local mirror) came into effect with his arrest. For what it is worth Preet Bharara's minions can be seen pleading to Judge Forrest that the terminally corrupted Baltimore investigation some how touches their investigation in no way. The full extracted text of the unsealed documents is below: Continue reading

Obama Orders War On Computing And Bitcoin With New "Emergency" Order (Full Text)

Today United States President Barack Hussein Obama has issued an executive order under which he claims emergency power in order to direct the Treasury Department to take action against the property of persons engaged in "malicious" computing related activity. The description of activities determined to be malicious under the order includes is so vague as to potentially include any user of a computing system, but especially targets the normal work of security researchers in civilian employment as Rob Graham (local archive) highlights. The declaration of National Emergency establishes "hackers" as a clear and present danger to the point that people who have merely associated with or even unknowingly contributed any form of support to "hackers" can be subjected to sanctions typically reserved for war criminals, terrorists, and the leaders of drug cartels. Continue reading

Socialist Shill Announces Launch of Third Key Solutions

Andreas Antonopulus announced the launch of Third Key Solutions of which he is the Chief Technical Officer. The start-up is a Bitcoin "best practices" consultancy, which aims to set up an infrastructure for Bitcoin companies to establish policies and enforcements for the handling of funds. The consultancy provides services revolving around the management of funds with multi-signature addresses as described in a summary on their website: Continue reading