MtGox Trustee has 200k Bitcoins, Creditors to Line Up as Bankruptcy Progresses

As of the third creditors meeting on April 22, 2015, the approximately 100,000 creditors from 130 countries who were swindled by Robert Marie Mark Karpeles and his Bitcoin-fiat exchange MtGox Co., Ltd. – despite the numerous and several warnings and warning signs,1 – can now file claims through bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayash of law firm Nagashima Ohno & Tsudematsu.

Options for filing claims:

  1. In writing by filling out the forms mailed to creditors and mailing the completed forms back to the bankruptcy trustee.
  2. Online through a system operated by Kraken/Payward.
  3. Online through using the user's e-mail and password from their MtGox account.

The report from the April 22, 2015 meeting yields some interesting financial details, including :

  • Call center expense: 2,605,897 JPY2
  • Rent and deposit for the bankruptcy trustee's office: 2,354,632 JPY
  • Total expenditures for proceeding and investigations thus far: 240,071,657 JPY
  • Total assets of 1,615,957,277 JPY and total liabilities 8,732,190,301 JPY, not including the bitcoins held.

At this time, Trustee Kabayash claims to control no less than 202,159.34061488 BTC, or approximately 3/11ths of the bitcoins thought to have been lost in the exchange's collapse.

  1. Not the least of which was the consistent $10+ spread between Mt Gox and Bitstamp that persisted throughout 2013, with the premium going to Gox of course, indicating that the Japanese firm was delaying withdrawals, most probably on account of a fractional reserve deposit scheme 

  2. 1 USD = 119.7 JPY at publishing time. 

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