Judge: Preet Bharara's Brinkmanship Endangers Fair Trials

PreetPreet Bharara, the United States premier inquisitor for prosecuting Bitcoin cases, was reprimanded by United States District Court Judge Valerie Caproni for endangering the former New York Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver's right to a fair trial by making public statements endangering his right to a fair trial by jury. Caproni in ruling on a motion by the defense offered:

"In this case, the U.S. Attorney,1 while castigating politicians in Albany for playing fast and loose with the ethical rules that govern their conduct, strayed so close to the edge of the rules governing his own conduct that Defendant Sheldon Silver has a non-frivolous argument that he fell over the edge to the Defendant’s prejudice."

The Judge denied Silver's motion to dismiss the case on the grounds Bharara's misconduct was conveniently ever so slightly beneath the threshold to dismiss the case at this time. This has been the first time Preet Bharara was publicly called out for this sort of misconduct meant to pervert the possibility of a fair trial by the Judge before trial.

Earlier this month Bharara was criticized for misinterpreting insider trading laws by a full  federal court of appeals that refused to reconsider a number of his insider trading convictions which had been overturned by a three member panel drawn from the appeals court's full bench.

Bharara seems to have suffered a severe reversal of fortune over the past several months. Last fall mainstream media outlets were floating Bharara as a serious contender for Attorney General of the United States, and now judges are defiantly taking the Manhattan prosecutor to task for his disturbing pattern of abusing public opinion and the procedures of the courts to conduct show trials.

It is still a mystery as to whether Bharara's last major conviction, that of Ross Ulbricht for allegedly operating the Silk Road will be overturned. The arrest of rogue Drug Enforcement Agent Carl Mark Force IV and others have cast a shadow of corruption over the entire investigation that lead to the conviction of Ulbricht. The announcement of Ulbricht's arrest like that of former speaker Silver included a number of allegations presented as fact, were recently revealed to be inadmissible in any trial. Bharara and his office went far further in their pre-trial defamation of Ulbricht to prevent the opportunity for fair trial than what the case against Silver was nearly dismissed for.

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2 thoughts on “Judge: Preet Bharara's Brinkmanship Endangers Fair Trials

  1. Even the district judiciary can smell a dirty tyrant on the upward move, and having personal knowledge and participation in the absolute corruption of the courts, they understand that if such a man was to become Attorney General, people they know personally by six degrees of separation are very likely to be burned at the stake to further puff up this odd man's chest.

    In America, it doesn't take too much to destroy your political career if you are unprotected; look at what happened to the aspirations of Senator Norm Coleman as the result of a single hearing during the Oil for Food Scandal:


    George Galloway, it is widely held, single handedly wrecked Coleman's chances of advancement during those 46 minutes of testimony. The same thing is sure to happen to the bug eyed Baharararara, when the stink of the Albricht case is everywhere and he is taken to task.

  2. The only thing I wish to know is, have the USG muppets figured it out yet, or will we need to take more heads.

    You do not fuck with Bitcoin, yo. Career ender.

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