Federal Agent Sells Firearms Via Darknet Market

Patch.com reports the arrest of a Massachusetts man who sought to purchase a firearm and silencer from a darknet market website. Unfortunately for 21 year old felon Justin Moreira, the Walther PPK he ordered was sold to him by none other than a federal agent masquerading as a legitimate arms dealer.

Moreira is believed to have paid USD $2,500 in bitcoin for the firearm and silencer which was then shipped by federal agents to a post office box in Hyannis, MA. Upon Moreira retrieving the package, federal agents moved in to arrest the young man.

At this time, the criminal complaint is unavailable but will be provided here if/when it is made available. Injustice.gov has released (archive) a press release regarding the arrest.

One thought on “Federal Agent Sells Firearms Via Darknet Market

  1. 1/ They're not charging the federal agent? Seems like selling the weapon would be a greater crime.

    2/ Next week's headline: "Former federal agent stole $2,500 of bitcoins during an entrapment derp."

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