Winner Of 27K Bitcoins Purchased At USMS Auction Revealed

To date, the United States Marshal Service has allegedly held three auctions for a portion of the 144,000 bitcoins confiscated in the wake of the October 2013 Silk Road bust. These auctions are claimed by Qntra to have allegedly occurred due to the continued refusal by the USG to respond to FOIA requests for further information on the alleged winners of the Bitcoin auctions. To that end, Qntra conducted and has now concluded its own investigation into the identity of the winner of the largest sum of bitcoins in the auction held by the USMS on the 5th of March 2015. That person's identity can now be revealed as real estate advisor, property manager, investor and entrepreneur Larry Dean Silvey.

According to a press release issued by Silvey's AE Property Management business back in 2013, Silvey purchased his first bitcoins that same year and soon began accepting it as a method of payment for the rental properties his business managed. The press release quotes Silvey as saying:

"It is with great pleasure that we announce our full acceptance of Bitcoin. We are eager to help anyone who wants to use bitcoin to invest with us or to rent a home. Stay tuned for more exciting developments unfolding with regards to Bitcoin."

At the time, Silvey also described what he liked about Bitcoin.

"At the same time that I decided to invest in it myself, I knew I wanted to accept it in my business, I think it makes sense. I believe it is the future, and I like that it cannot bounce or be charged back."

During its investigation, Qntra uncovered evidence which suggests Larry Silvey was introduced to Bitcoin by a relative of his by the name of Kyle Silvey. Kyle Silvey is believed by Qntra to be in control of the twitter account @Cumberland_BTC, the same account which tweeted the Bitcoin address 1DPx2UJtwCQ3N8eGiuDoZSCB7x3rAPWcXw through which the 27,000 BTC won at auction passed through. While no facts as to what Cumberland Mining actually do could be established, Qntra has reason to believe Kyle Silvey made posts to the Bitcoin Talk forum on behalf of AE Property Management in an attempt to sell a pre-order Avalon from batch #2 back in May 2013.

Circumstantial evidence uncovered by Qntra suggests Kyle Silvey discovered Bitcoin as early as 2011, but no later than 2012. This writer speculates that the return on investment made by Kyle Silvey during this time period served as the catalyst for investor Larry Silvey's interest in Bitcoin and subsequent decision to accept it as a method of payment at his property management business.

Qntra attempted to contact Larry Silvey before this story went live but no comment has been forthcoming.

The price Larry Silvey paid per bitcoin remains unknown.

3 thoughts on “Winner Of 27K Bitcoins Purchased At USMS Auction Revealed

  1. Address re-use — just say no.

    By the way, wasn't there someone affiliated with Qntra (ahem, MP) promoting address re-use?

    • >> Address re-use — just say no.

      >> By the way, wasn't there someone affiliated with Qntra (ahem, MP) promoting address re-use?

      > If you're a Bitcoin service with a good RNG, then reuse your addresses at least some of the time.

      Clearly these are two wildly different scenarios and thus one would come to very different conclusions. Address re-use is not always good and not always bad.

      To clarify for you anon: you have to think for yourself! You have to use judgement and reasoning, not rely on what your fellow redditards deduced while a peyote vision quest in the outskirts of san francisco.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah


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