Summary of MPEx Stocks and Funds February 2015

Monthly statements from stocks listed at the MPEx exchange have been released for December. Official reports are available at Trilema. Here are some highlights:

MPEx (S.MPOE) reported a net profit of 293 btc. This is a smaller profit than last month, due to the revenue of 250 btc from new account fees being exactly half that of January.

MiniGame (S.MG) had previously projected an April move from alpha to beta for their flagship game (Eulora), but the latest statement says the change over will happen sometime in the month of March. This change from alpha to beta will include a complete reset of the game, with all old data removed, but the company projects they will keep the new world permanently. While the game will not initially require payment to play, payments will be functioning to add money into the game, so there may be some revenue for the company.

The synthetic derivatives fund F.DERP (F.DERP) promised to issue a combined statement for January and February. As reported previously on Qntra, BitGo, one of F.DERP’s target companies (D.BTGO), has announced they will be offering insurance to their account holders. Depending on your estimation of their abilities to follow through and/or avoid needing to pay out on such insurance, this could be seen as either positive or negative news for the company, and inversely for the F.DERP fund.

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