Subpoena Requests Data On /r/DarkNetMarkets Users

Wired reports that earlier this month, a Baltimore ICE agent subpoenaed Reddit for the personal data of five users who frequent the subreddit /r/DarkNetMarkets. Requested information included names, IP addresses, the dates and times that they accessed Reddit, phone numbers as well as any financial information. The five users mentioned in the subpoena include NSWGreat, evosmith, Z-L, GWERN and DEEPTHROAT_.

According to GWERN, the request for data by the agent was received by Reddit on March 20th. Reddit informed GWERN on March 25th of its intention to respond to the subpoena by March 30th. The subpoena is believed to be related to an investigation into the recent closure of the dark marketplace named Evolution and the subsequent theft of customer/merchant bitcoins speculated to range from 40k to 100k BTC.

A copy of the subpoena is unavailable to publish at this time.

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