Silk Road Moderator Pleads Guilty, Faces Life Imprisonment

A 42 year old man who waived his extradition rights and was subsequently extradited from Australia to the United States last November today plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit narcotics trafficking and money laundering for his role as a moderator of the Silk Road forum.

Peter Phillip Nash, who initially joined the site seeking drugs and friendship with like-minded individuals, earned $30,000 over a 10 month period in his role as a moderator for the SR forum. As part of that role, Nash provided DPR with a weekly report summarising the past week's actions that he had undertaken as moderator. Despite not knowing the real identity of DPR, Nash was also listed as a possible witness in the Ross Ulbricht trial, but was not called to testify.

Peter Phillip Nash, who went by the names of Samesamebutdifferent, Batman73, Symmetry and Anonymousasshit told the court that he regretted his conduct and apologised for any harm caused. For this display of contrition, Nash could face life imprisonment when he is sentenced on May 26th 2015.

A copy of Nash's indictment is available here in text format.

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