Mycelium Entropy Devices Possibly Tampered With During Transit

Mycelium customers who only recently began to receive their Entropy device after lengthy delays are now facing the real possibility that their devices have been tampered with en route to its destination after one customer from Canada and another from Japan claimed their packages were opened prior to delivery.

Canadian Redditor literarydevice made the following comments and shared the following pictures via imgur:

Canada Post tried to claim that my Mycelium Entropy was damaged in transit. Evidence suggests that it was opened by agents, as everything was done to make it appear that the device hadn't been opened. The tamper-seal is clearly broken and the package was carefully reassembled. Oh well. Time to get some digital forensic analysis done before plugging it in at home to reflash the firmware.

The second customer to claim their package had been tampered with was no other than Roger Ver. Bitcoin Jesus provided the following comments and images via twitter:

Did anyone else have their @MyceliumCom Entropy opened and hologram seal broken before they even received it? #NSA?


In response to the mail tampering, Mycelium explained it away as a result of bad packaging, stating that the devices remained 100% safe. Mycelium soon changed their story, suggesting many more packages may have been opened by customs agents on the hunt for kiddy porn.

2 thoughts on “Mycelium Entropy Devices Possibly Tampered With During Transit

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