Man Who Established Bounty to Replace Vessennes' Bitcoin Foundation on Board

After a voting fiasco which included reports of disenfranchised voters, the election results are in, and the Vessennes' Bitcoin Foundation will be welcoming Oliver Janssens to their board. Janssens claim to fame was using his early adopter made fortune to post a $100,000 bounty for a software platform to replace Vessennes' Bitcoin foundation. Today he took to Twitter:

Won the elections with 63%! Clear sign people want change. @BTCFoundation get ready for exactly that. Thank u everyone! I'll make it happen.

The Vessennes' Foundation announced last year they would be redirecting funds to "core development", due to the results of a member survey taken late last year, stating they would shed all outreach activities. Whereas Janssens' platform specifically contradicts this pivot:

Creating global bitcoin awareness and incentivising programs to do so. We should research the most effective ways to promote awareness and test them via trial and error. One idea is for us to mobilize networks of volunteers to create awareness in local neighbourhoods.

As the Vessennes' Bitcoin Foundation struggles to find relevance, The Real Bitcoin Foundation has been marching ahead.

3 thoughts on “Man Who Established Bounty to Replace Vessennes' Bitcoin Foundation on Board

  1. A bunch of guys climbing over one another to get elected to a board which they all criticise. Easier to walk away, eh?

  2. better to ignore the Vessennes thing — any attention is good attention.

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