Havelock Still Offline

Havelock Investments, the Bitcoin "securities" trading website,  which has in the past been home to ill fated ventures such as NeoBee and Cognitive Mining now has been offline for the declared purpose of "website updates" for a period approaching 10 days now. Today, March 2nd is the most recent estimate Havelock has provided as to when service might be restored. Their last announcement on this matter from Bitcointalk (February 25th, 2015):

During the past week we have been doing our best to bring the site back up to normal operations.

We believe that we have made great progress. As we are responsible for the funds of many of our users we take this responsibility very seriously.

Until we are certain that we can once again provide our users with a secure access to their account we will not bring the site back up.

The current schedule for the site to be back on line is for Monday March 2nd, 2015.

We also would like to take this opportunity and remind many of our users that there are many "Google Adwords" ads promoting Phishing sites that imitate our site.

Please be careful and make sure you are on our site prior to entering your credentials.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

Havelock Investments

One thought on “Havelock Still Offline

  1. And it's online now.

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