Blythe Masters To Head Wall Street Invasion

In what seems like a Wall Street invasion of Bitcoin, it was announced today Blythe Masters of precious metal price suppression infamy has accepted the position of Chief Executive of Digital Asset Holdings LLC. The company will build software to build a platform for trading "digitized versions of traditional financial intruments" such as CDOs or Options.

The Wall Street Journal which detailed the announcement in a recent article quoted Masters:

Digital Asset aims to achieve this by first building software that facilitates secure settlement and that avoids the kind of counterparty failures “that have plagued bitcoin and other digital assets"

Second, the company will provide tools so customers can convert traditional securities and other financial instruments into a digital form that can be embedded into the core digital ledgers that are vital to the functioning of so-called cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. That way, people could trade those assets in a less costly, more efficient and secure environment.

The quote implies Masters' company is creating an MPEx like infrastructure for use by Wall Street. However Master's doesn't seem to understand Bitcoin having stated:

We don’t think of bitcoin as being a store of value or an alternative currency or an investment. We think of it as a medium for exchange and a mechanism for recording information.

Given Masters' less than reputable history, her Wall Street fueled invasion of Bitcoin is another indicator axe time and sword time are drawing near.

7 thoughts on “Blythe Masters To Head Wall Street Invasion

  1. On one hand, the USG has a large stable of retards all ready to go. On the other hand, Bitcoin has enough humiliation to last them all a century or two, and the tools all ready to milk the lolcows and stripmine the comedy gold. Match made in heaven.

    • Hello Mircea! It is delightful to see you again. I hope you and your wife are happy with your new home, in the other hemisphere. Many, myself included, miss your lively presence on Twitter.

      For the author of this post, thestringpuller: Blythe Masters is associated with CDS (credit-default swaps), not CDOs. I would be surprised if she really knew much at all about a collateralized debt obligation. CDOs often have embedded optionality, as you mentioned.

      Digitized versions of CBO/CLOs would be an all-lolcow market. They're illiquid and non-fungible.

      • >>> The company will build software to build a platform for trading "digitized versions of traditional financial instruments" such as CDOs or Options.

        >> Blythe Masters is associated with CDS (credit-default swaps), not CDOs.

        > Both CDOs and CDS are traditional financial instruments

        lol @ attempted pedantry

        > They're illiquid and non-fungible.

        lol @ feigned expertise

      • When did I get married ?! And to which one ?

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