Aspiring Bitcoin Journalist Arrested For Recruiting For ISIS

A 17 year old teenager from Virginia in the United States who was arrested by the FBI last Friday for his alleged involvement in providing assistance to a man who wished to travel to Syria so as to fight alongside ISIS has been identified as Ali Shukri Amin.

Amin, who wrote for the Bitcoin news site Coin Brief on a variety of topics including Dark Wallet and Open Bazaar, is reported to have been charged as a juvenile for his as yet to be announced crimes. Attempts to charge the student as an adult are also reportedly under way.

While Amin's articles, author profile at Coin Brief and twitter account have since been deleted, a copy of his author archive at Coin Brief remains available via Google cache and is mirrored here.

Amin's arrest marks the second incident this week where bitcoiners have allegedly provided assistance to ISIS. Bryce Weiner of Blockchain Technology Group was banned from twitter and changetip earlier this week after using changetip to send bitcoins to alleged members of ISIS.

8 thoughts on “Aspiring Bitcoin Journalist Arrested For Recruiting For ISIS

  1. And how exactly is random internet derp to know whether X Internet dog is really "ISIS" whatever the fuck that means ?

    Maybe that kickstarter thing you sent five bux to last week was really "Russian Occupation Army Of Ukraine", another entity that undefinedly exists in USG verbiage only. What then ? Sure, you thought it was to whittle sad panda figurines, tell it to the judge ?

  2. It's amusing that the very thing that created 'Jihad Johnny', state sponsored population surveillance and extreme paranoia, is being offered as the solution to combating extremism.

    • Fire is the best tool to fight fire.

    • Certainly pre-Bush random citizens wouldn't have dreamed of supporting terrorists. Obama's legacy is exactly the opposite : random US citizen actually rooting for ISIS, or for anyone else liable to embarass the universally reviled USG.

      What a difference a couple of presidents from the "two parties" can make over not even two decades!

  3. I like how your ignorance makes you think that a US president makes a difference. You are a terrible xenophobe.

  4. You really should not use the kid's name. If they have enough evidence to prove that he truly did do this, then he will be charged as an adult, and his name will be released. However, as it stands, he is a juvenile, and his identity should be protected.

    They have not released enough information to make a judgement at this time.

    • I didn't pass judgement on him, but rather reported what he is alleged to have done. The kid's name is out there already and it's obvious to anyone who he is.

    • There's no rule in teh Serenissima that "not releasing names". You don't like this jurisdiction, find one you like and stay there.

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